Actions We are Taking for CoronaVirus

Dear Loyal Million Air Customers,

At Million Air, we are committed to the health and safety of our customers, partners and employees to ensure your travel plans and experiences are as worry-free as possible. You are at the core of everything we do! Our role takes on a whole new meaning in this time of uncertainty. It is our duty to maintain sterile operations in order to allow people to return home, first responders to provide essential services and for organ transplant teams to continue their vital lifesaving missions.

Social distancing utilizing private and business aircraft is expected to become the future of travel amid the nCoV pandemic. Business jets are hygienic, self-contained and controlled environments that can offer extremely limited contact with other people outside of your personal travel group. There is no safer, more secure way for social distancing travel!

It is important to let you know we are still maintaining our FBO lobby facilities 24/7, aircraft fleet, flight operations, dispatch and staff. Million Air is closely following developments and releases of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other governmental health agencies as it relates to coronavirus (COVID-19) and have been proactive in enhancing our existing health and safety practices as well as implementing new courses of action. Our normal welcoming approach is now heightened with very strict sanitary measures:

• Employees wearing masks at all times and gloves for all equipment, luggage and automobile handling.
• We have assigned all “non-essential” staff to work from home to reduce risk.
• All staff have been instructed to heed “fit for flight” lifestyle habits.
• Although we would love to, we will refrain from shaking your hand at this times.

• Cleaning our facilities and shared equipment between each departure and landing.
• We will not board customer’s aircraft for servicing unless asked.
• Provide alcohol-based sanitizer at the front desk, washrooms and other communally shared spaces.
• Increase ramp side service for car delivery to limit terminal building interaction.
• Disinfectant wipe down of all returning rental cars and courtesy cars.
• Removal of any unwrapped foods from our hospitality bars that are accessible by unprotected hands, like our freshly baked cookies, popcorn, etc.

I want to assure you our staff is doing everything in their power to provide a safe and virus free environment and we will stay informed to act on the evolving information. Thank you for your trust and support to keep you safe. Million Air is here ready to serve and to protect your health and safety during your travels.

Safe travels always,
Roger Woolsey, CEO

If you any questions, contact us at millionair@millionair.com