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Job Opportunities with Million Air

Join the Million Air Team!

Million Air is North America’s number one FBO Franchise, providing accommodations for private jets from throughout the world. Million Air features fueling, maintenance, hangars, and an assortment of services and amenities including modern lobbies, flight planning facilities, conference rooms, fitness centers, swimming pools, crew rooms, rental cars and catering. You’ll find Million Air locations throughout the country, in Canada and the Caribbean.

The dedication and contributions of our employees has been the cornerstone of our success, the building blocks of our future. We would not be who we are or where we are today without the passion of our employees. A career at Million Air is more than a job; it’s part of an aviation legacy.

At Million Air we continually improve our products and services to enhance the experience of our air travelers. We take the same flight path with our employees.

Applicant: The sky is the limit for an applicant with the drive, passion and dedication we honor in the Million Air system. This result-oriented candidate must possess a strong work ethic and have fun with our customers. The aviation industry has undergone a historic change since the tragic events of September 11th. First-class passengers have turned to private aircraft to insure safety and convenience. The ability to provide a fun first-class experience for our privileged clientele is the goal of every Million Air employee. Nothing could be more fun, no relationships more exciting!

If you are a dynamic, self-motivated individual who desires working in a vigorous environment that promotes growth and advancement, soar to the top with Million Air. The rewards offer self fulfillment and advancement for those motivated and highly energized professionals.

You should possess:
- Proven record of success
- Excellent people skills
- Strong customer service orientation
- Strong communication skills
- Self motivation

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